Single Henna Cone | Original Blend | 20 gram Medium Cone Size

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    • Natural henna cones are perishable items. Therefore, you must track your order and make sure to put the cones in the freezer the same day they are delivered.

    • USPS tracking emails are sent automatically and can sometimes end up in your spam folder. Check your full inbox for tracking. They go out on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    • Priority mail express will always be the best option for the freshest henna cones. We understand not everyone can use this method, however express is what we always recommend for the best results.

    • If you live in Hawaii or a rural part of the country, then we strongly suggest using Priority mail express.

    • Orders ship one or sometimes two days a week only: Mondays and/or Tuesdays. Please order by Sunday 9 PM PST to ensure timely delivery.

    • I have a $40 minimum for home pick ups in San Diego.

    • No returns since this product is a perishable item, thank you.

You guys asked for single henna cone options, and you shall finally receive!

Are you new to henna artistry? Maybe you want to test out and see how you like henna designing? If so, then getting a single cone or two may be a perfect option before buying a 5 pack or more (in which you will receive a discounted price). From personal experience you may indeed become addicted! You can also use this single cone for multiple applications for henna freckles!

Please read through all the product and shipping info as many of your questions will be answered herein. Thanks for stopping by and shopping around!

Ingredients: Organic Rajastani henna powder, eucalyptus oil, raw sugar, lemon juice and filtered water. 

These natural henna cones are slightly stringy with a lot of creaminess which as a result, makes for nice paste flow through the cone and onto the skin! They are 20 grams in weight which is a medium size and should be easy to hold.

Cones come with a pin to create a nice opening size without having to worry about cutting the tip. The pin can be reinserted when done using the cone and can be put back in the freezer until ready for next use.

    • Cello pattern may vary from the one’s pictures here.

    • Try not to refreeze more than 3 times as this will diminish the staining quality over time.

    • Orders places on Tuesday and after will be shipped on the following Monday or Tuesday.

  • If you have an allergy to eucalyptus oil or lemon juice, contact me and I can customize with a different oil and/or make a water mix for you!

International Customers:

Gopi Henna only ships henna cones domestically. Why is that? International transit times are unpredictable. Your henna is made from scratch every week and fresh henna is perishable. Therefore it must reach the customer within 2-3 days. Such shipping is only guaranteed with domestic priority mail. However, we ship henna kits and henna powder internationally.

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