Professional Henna Service FAQ

Q: How do private henna appointments work?

  • I have a $50 minimum for henna in San Diego. I take private appointments at my home. The easiest way to get a price quote is to text me photos of the size and style you are looking to get. You can also pick a price point and allow me to create a custom piece for you. Just give me a general idea of what you like and we can go from there!
  • Smaller designs (below $50) are done at my booth location on the weekends at seaport village. For info on directions on how to find my booth, please visit the contact page located on the top bar menu here on my site.
  • Large pieces are done at my home studio in downtown San Diego. However, for larger pieces, it’s best to have someone drive you. You can also get them done in the comfort of your own home. 

Q: What are your prices for designs?

  • This will vary according to the size and style of design that you want, please find some photos of what you're looking for and send them to me via text or email and I can give you an accurate price quote. Additionally you can let me know your budget and I can show you what designs would fit into that.

Q: How do I book a henna party with you?

  • Party rate is $100 an hour and I have a 2 hour minimum for the weekends. There is some flexibility if party is Monday-Thursday.
  • Do note that most weekends are already booked in the spring and summer. There is some workability if Party is in the evening after 6 PM or in the fall and winter. Text or email the details for your party or event for more info via my contact page here on my website.

Q: Can you come to my home or the location I will be having an event/gathering?

  • Depending on how far you are from my home studio location I have a $75-$100 minimum for mobile henna in San Diego. If you are within 10 miles of my location, then I do not require a travel fee. To figure out if a mobile appointment is best for you, please contact me.

Q: What should I know before receiving my henna application?

  • Henna takes around 30 minutes to dry so prepare to have the area you want henna’d to be uncovered for at least 30-45 mins. 
  • Make sure to avoid any oils or lotions on the area that henna will be applied.
  • You want to avoid water for the first day so make sure to shower before your session.
  • For the following day’s shower you want to apply a generous amount of coconut oil, vaseline, or a natural balm on the stain to protect it from water.
  • Henna takes around 48 hours to fully darken. It starts out a bright orange and gradually darkens to a reddish/brown, so don’t freak out when it’s light when it first comes off!

Q: Can I apply henna to my belly if I am pregnant?

  • Yes! I have done many pregnant bellies over the years and I can assure you I use the safest ingredients in my henna mix.
  • It is recommended to consult your doctor regarding the topical use of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil, but I have never had any problems with this in the past.
  • Most belly designs range $65-$100, please email me with photos of the size or style to get an accurate quote.
  • You can also choose a price point and allow for “artist choice” where I can freestyle the design for you and you can feel free to mention any symbols you would like incorporated. This is a popular choice and many symbols clients have chosen in the past include: mandalas, lotuses, baby feet and trees. Feel free to use your imagination!