Sample Pack | Original, Darkness, & Ultra Dark Blend | 15 gram cone size

  • $23.99

Not sure which blend you want to try out? Then this sample pack is perfect for you! You get one of each of our henna and henna/jagua blend cones.

Our original henna blend is our standard henna recipe (henna powder, lemon juice & water, eucalyptus essential oil, and sugar) which you can view the entire henna making process & recipe all over our instagram, tiktok, and youtube!

Our darkness blend is the same as our original blend recipe except 25% of the liquid used is jagua fruit juice instead of just lemon juice & water.

And finally our ultra dark blend replaces the water and lemon juice completely with only jagua fruit juice which yields the darkest stain naturally using henna and jagua mixed.

Jagua, otherwise known as genipa americana, is a fruit in the berry family and is native to South America. The jagua juice we use is made from the unripened jagua fruit so some people may have sensitivities to the naturally occurring enzymes in the unripened fruit juice. Therefore for our ultra dark & jagua gel products we recommend to do a spot test on the inside of your wrist first before using if you have sensitive skin due to the high concentration of jagua fruit juice in them.

If you want a more black color stain (naturally!) then I recommend our jagua gel which is 100% jagua fruit only without any added henna powder! Jagua gel is the darkest stain you can achieve naturally, and our ultra dark blend is the next runner up!

Each cone is approximately 15 grams each which can create two detailed designs on the hands and arms (view the last photo located below the main product photo to get an idea).

Jagua products are much more expensive to source than henna and is therefore why we must price them accordingly! However we do try to price them reasonably without incurring a loss on our end, so we appreciate your understanding and want to be completely transparent with you guys because you're the best!

**Our henna paste is perishable therefore you want to freeze your cones in the box they come in once they arrive. This will preserve them for up to 6 months! All that is required to use them is to take them out around 10 minutes first to defrost completely then you are good to go!

If you don't finish the cone completely you can re-insert the pin that comes in the cone and place in the box and put back in the freezer until your next use.

As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email us! <3

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