Professional Henna Kit DIY Deluxe | Everything you need!

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Whether this is your first time mixing henna paste or you’re a professional henna artist, this henna kit is perfect for you! These are the same high quality ingredients Gopi Henna uses on everyday clients; therefore, you will receive professional henna level results! If this is your first time mixing henna paste, please watch our videos on youtube for the best results from your henna kit.

You will be taking your henna artistry to the next level as a result of purchasing this henna kit! Provided is enough product to get your henna business going! Additionally, if you are new to henna artistry then this kit supplies plenty of product to get you started, and trust me you want to practice as much as you can in the beginning

Please note that this kit comes with 100 grams of henna powder! Most henna kits you get at Michaels, Joanns, or any other craft store only have around 4-10 grams of henna powder! Therefore, the price for this kit reflects this fact!

This kit will make 15-20 cones which is enough for approximately 120 small sized designs. Store your henna kit in a cool, dry place until ready to use. Each henna kit is made to order and is good for 2 years from time you receive it in the mail. However, once you mix the paste, store the excess henna cones in the freezer and they will last for 6 months!


This Kit Includes:

    • 100 gms of Organic Rajastani Henna powder

    • 30 ml of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    • 1/4 cup of raw sugar

    • 2 large carrot bags

    • 15 pre-rolled henna cones

    • 5 cello sheets to roll your own cones

    • 5 pages of example designs including three full size hand designs to get you started!

    • Detailed Instructional Pamphlet with links to Gopi Henna Instructional Videos (attached below as well):


Check out our detailed videos on YouTube:



Yes we ship our henna kits and powder internationally! If you have any difficulties or questions about international service send us a message through our contact page

***returns are not accepted if you change your mind about the purchase and it has already been shipped**

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