Temporary Tattoos ✶ Beach Lover ✶

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Temporary Tattoos are a great way to get the look and feel of a real tattoo without the pain and commitment!

✶ Our temp tattoos are made from gardenia fruit so they are a natural and vegan temporary tattoo option for adults and kids! ✶

They can last 7-14 days above the knuckles and on most parts of the body depending on skin chemistry and aftercare! 

Natural Gardenia Fruit Gel Temporary Tattoo Aftercare:

****If you are allergic to kiwi, berries, citrus, or tropical fruit you may want to do a spot test by cutting a few dots or a star from one of the designs and applying to the inside of the arm, low back or hip area and wait a few days.****

Start by Cutting out the design you want

  • Make sure to cut as close as you can to the actual design you want. This will make applying to the skin much easier!

Get a wet cloth or paper towel ready

  • You want to fully soak and then ring out your paper towel or washcloth so that it is fully saturated, but not dripping.

Apply the Light sticky side down onto your skin

  • Use the smooth dark blue side to help guide you where you want the actual tattoo material to be on your skin. Remember to place the light colored, sticky side down onto the skin surface, NOT the dark blue side.

Apply damp cloth to the top of the design for 30 seconds

  • You want to try and completely cover the design with your wet cloth. Press down lightly for 30 seconds to make sure the whole design transfers to the skin. Then gently remove the paper. Design should not stick to the paper anymore.

Wait 24-48 hours!

  • These tattoos stain skin via natural gardenia fruit gel. So the stain takes 24-72 hours to fully develop. Please avoid hot water, saunas, exfoliation, excessive sweating for 24 hours for best results. Lasts 7-14 days.

Cover if you will apply before bed

  • Freshly applied tattoos can stain other parts of your body, i.e. stain your face if you sleep on your hand! Therefore wrap/cover tattoo in cloth for the first 24-48 hours.


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What is Gardenia Fruit Gel?

In the same family as the Jagua Fruit, Gardenia is a fruiting flower which is native to South East Asia. The fruits of Gardenia and Jagua both contain "genipin" which is the natural pigment which stains skin it's desirable black/blue color! Both are used as an alternative to toxic "black Henna" which contain dangerous chemicals such as PPD. 

Our tattoo sheets are 100% Gardenia Fruit Gel and are PPD free! Therefore they are safe for adults and children alike! Our fruit gel tattoos are more mild than pure jagua fruit gel, however we still recommend anyone who has any fruit allergies to do a spot test first. Please view our aftercare card in the photo slideshow for more info.

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