Aftercare Sealant Spray

  • $5.99

Henna Aftercare is super important in achieving a stellar stain. And a main factor is being able to keep your henna design on for as long as possible. We recommend at-least 6-8 hours!

Spray this simple sealant we've created on top of your dried henna and your henna paste will stay stuck for hours!

When you're ready to take the henna paste off make sure not to wash off, we always recommend to scrape it off. You can use coconut or olive oil to help remove any stickiness from the spray and to help aide in removing the paste.

And for those who love a good scent we have a rose variety which is the most divine smell ever!

Ingredients: Lemon Juice, sugar, purified water ***The Rose Variety contains rose water as well***

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