🌞 Gold Foil Temporary Tattoo | LOTUS

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These tattoo sheets are out of this world! Be ready to make a statement with these during a festival, event, or just for fun! 

Design Sheet is 8.5 X 11 inches which means the main design is large enough to cover a lot of area so they were designed in mind for the back/shoulder, thigh, or even chest area! They are meant to be statement pieces and the smaller designs as accents which you can put anywhere to compliment your beautiful main design. 🌞

Gold Foil tattoos go on instantly and remain only on the top surface of the skin so they do not stain the skin. This means you can scrub it off if needed unlike our Gardenia Fruit Gel tattoos which take time to gradually fade. I wanted to have an option for those that have work constraints but what to enjoy some fun body art during the weekend or vacation!

They can last approximately 3-5 days depending how much water/exfoliation it comes into contact with while it's on. Depending on the light you may notice some silver in the foil as well, this is totally normal!


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