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Gopi Henna Freestyle Classics:

Henna Design Compilation

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What is this E-Book

This ebook contains 47 unique designs for the hand. I tried to include as many different styles as I could to give as much variety for you to chose from! I consider these my classic go-to styles with motifs that I have found to be very successful at various events and parties.

All designs in this e-book are from one finger to a bit below the wrist. I have also included a page of various different style finger designs that you can choose from if you wish to do a full hand.

Who is this e-book for?

This is for the beginner-intermediate henna artist who is looking to practice their Henna skills but needs some extra inspiration. 

This e-book is also great for those who want to create their own portfolio for their business but may have difficulty in design composition or coming up with many different design styles on the fly. 

You can practice re-creating these designs and in doing so you will start to develop your own artistic voice!

Can I use these designs in my own portfolio?

Yes! When creating this e-book (the first of hopefully many more), my hope was for this to be a resource for those artists that need to take photos of their own work to create a portfolio but need inspiration with design composition or in creating more variety in their work.

With the purchase of the e-book I grant you permission to use these pages at your events, parties or henna booth. However, you may NOT redistribute or sell this e-book under any circumstance.

How long should these designs take?

The speed at which a henna artist works can vary from artist to artist so there really isn’t a right answer to this!

However, I do get asked this a lot! These are designs that typically take me 5-15 minutes. How fast I work can also depend on how busy the event is. But when you are just starting out don’t worry about speed, that always comes with time and lots of practice!

I want to use real photos of henna on skin in my portfolio, why is this digitally created?

There is nothing worse for a customer than to see a photo of a beautifully executed henna design from a design book and the end result look nothing like it! 

This is why I did not want to take photos of actual henna on skin for this e-book because I feel it is way more intimidating to try and re-create for a customer if you decide to use these at your events, etc.

I believe there is more flexibility to stylize in your own artistic voice when you are re-creating from a digitally draw design like this. And when a customer sees that it looks slightly different, it isn’t as much of a shock. They know the design, while not being yours, was also drawn using a different tool altogether so some variation is to be expected.

Why is the cover a picture of henna on skin and not digital like the designs inside?

My intention with that was to show you how well these designs can translate from a digital drawing to henna on skin. 

As I mentioned earlier, every artist will develop their own style, much like how every signature is unique per the individual. So while your work in henna may not look exactly like the digital rendition, that is to be expected!

Do I have to credit you?

I would be delighted if you purchased this e-book and found it useful! And I am not expecting you to credit me every time you do one of these designs on someone. 

However, I absolutely love seeing people’s re-creations of my work. Soooo, if you want to tag your girl or send me an email with a photo of it, that would make my day!

And on another note, the amount of people that I think would try and take credit as the creator for any of these designs is fairly small in my opinion. I know it does happen of course but it’s one of those things you can’t really do too much about. 

I am creating this with the faith that it will reach the right amazing people!

Can I sell or redistribute this e-book?

No, this e-book is for individual use only. You may not sell and/or re-distribute this e-book as I mentioned above.

***Products are available for purchase for your own personal use only; resale of products purchased under these Terms of Sale is prohibited.***

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