Jagua Henna & Jagua Gel COMBO PACK | 6 Cones | 20 grams each

  • $55.99

Get the best of BOTH worlds with this ultra dark staining combo pack!

Receive THREE ULTRA DARK BLEND cones and THREE JAGUA GEL cones and experiment with both of these products and achieve the darkest stains possible naturally! (Scroll through all product photos to see the stains of both).

 ***This combo pack is made using the highest quality, natural ingredients and do NOT contain any PPD (a toxic chemical found in cones labelled as "black henna")***

Ultra Dark Blend Info:

Ingredients: Organic Rajastani henna powder, jagua juice, eucalyptus essential oil, and cane sugar.

Weight: Each cone is 20 grams

These ultra Dark Jagua henna cones create super deep brown tones and can stain practically black on the fingers, top of the hand and on the feet. You can see the difference in shade by viewing the various photos we have on this listing. The high amount of jagua ink provides added security for excellent stains for your clients, friends, and yourself! You get the perfect blend of stringy and creamy when using our henna cones. Effortlessly flow henna paste from cone to skin!

The high jagua ink concentration in these cones can easily transfer to other parts of the body during sleep. Therefore, try to flake the paste off before bed or carefully wrap in tissue to avoid staining your face or any other body part while you sleep!

Jagua Gel Info:

Ingredients: Jagua ink, organic xantham gum, lavender essential oil, cane sugar.

These Jagua gel cones create a blackish blue stain on the skin NATURALLY! There is absolutely no PPD (toxic chemical found in fake “black henna” products). These cones will stain the top of the hands and on the feet the darkest, and a bit lighter as you move up from them. Please view the images attached in this listing to see the color. These cones are small in size which makes working with the jagua gel consistency much easier!

One reason customers prefer jagua gel cones as opposed to the Ultra Dark blend is because you can wash it off after a very minimal amount of time. We send detailed aftercare instructions with every order so be sure to read through it!

Jagua gel stains extremely quickly so be careful to avoid smudges. Additionally, jagua can transfer easily to different parts of the body. Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT SLEEP WITH JAGUA GEL ON! Make sure to thoroughly wash the gel off before sleeping.

Also please note, jagua stains begin VERY LIGHT, almost invisible, but darkens completely within 12-24 hours after.

Additional Info:

Our cones come with a pin in the tip. This creates the perfect sized opening so you don’t have to worry about cutting the tip too big. Reinsert the pin when done using the cone and put back in the freezer until next use.

*Try not to refreeze more than 3 times as this will diminish the staining quality over time.


Why are these cones more expensive? These cones use a high amount of organic jagua ink which is extracted from the jagua fruit. It then is imported from South America at fair prices for the amazonian tribes. Therefore, all jagua products you see on the market are going to be more expensive than just regular henna. However, the stain that is yielded from these cones makes the price well worth it! 

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