*NEW* Darkness Blend Bulk Henna Paste!

  • $50.00

Our bulk henna paste has been a long time comin'! Many customers have asked for this option (especially in Darkness blend) and I will tell you why!

Making henna from scratch can be a time consuming process. You first have to mix all the ingredients and cover and let sit anywhere from 6-12 hours. Then you have to thin it out to the right consistency, strain it, and THEN you are ready to fill your cones.

If you do not have a lot of spare time and want to fill cones and go, then this bulk henna paste is perfect for you! It's also more affordable than the individual cones so you save time and money!

You can buy our bulk henna paste on it's own or with 22 pre-cut cello sheets, or with 22 pre-rolled henna cones with pins. 

Our paste is made using 100 grams Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder, lemon juice & Jagua Fruit Juice, 30 mls organic eucalyptus essential oil, and 50 grams of organic cane sugar. Each bulk paste bag weighs approximately 350 grams.

This amount of paste can make approximately 25 henna cones depending how large or small you make them which is why I am including 30 of either option. Otherwise if you have your own materials for cones at home, then all you need is this paste and you are good to go!

Another reason this option is great, in addition to being a time-saver to making it yourself, is that it is a more affordable option to buying pre-rolled & filled henna cones. You are just paying for the henna paste itself without the labor of the filling & sealing of the henna cones. So it is a win-win!

**We have an approximate 3-5 day processing time

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