Sun & Moon Mandala Henna Canvas | 11 X 14 inches

This canvas is one of my favorites that I have created! It is the first of hopefully a soon-to-be series of real henna canvases because it was such a beautiful process creating this one!

This canvas was created using actual henna paste as opposed to acrylic paint in a henna cones which is what I normally use on my custom canvases. I even stained the background using henna paste as well! The actual design is henna paste which I sealed several times to ensure that the henna will not flake off! You can watch the full video of the process on my tiktok or instagram. 

This is also a larger canvas than I have previously offered before so it will definitely be a show stopper wherever you decide to place it in your home or office!

And one really cool added benefit of using henna paste on the canvas is if you get close to it you can smell the lovely subtle scent of fresh henna which is such a divine smell! This hand made henna mix I used had lavender essential oil in it which adds to the scent. :)

If you have any questions about this piece definitely email me!

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