Henna Candles | Half Rose & Half Mandala

  • $12.99

This has been one of the most fun project offerings I have made so far! I am so excited to share these little containers of magic with you!

I have decorated the glass container of each candle with a golden mandala in acrylic paint, with a rhinestone in the middle. And on top, I have adorned the actual candle with real rose petals on one side side and a unique half mandala pattern with actual henna on the other side.

Each candle is unique and so the one you receive will be a bit of a mystery as to the half mandala design. But the golden mandala on the front is the same for each glass container!

When the candle burns it emits a subtle fragrance from the henna paste & rose petal combo! It's not super strong which is more my preference style, but the ambience it creates is magical. The design and petals get submerged into the wax when it hardens after each use. But each time you re-light it the henna & petals will emerge again! 

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