Original Blend Deluxe 10 pack | small cone size

  • $52.99

Ingredients: Organic Rajastani henna powder, eucalyptus essential oil, raw sugar, lemon juice and filtered water.

These natural henna cones, 15 grams each, are slightly stringy with a lot of creaminess which  is perfect for detailed AND simple designing. We always sift out henna paste by hand creating smooth flow from the cone and onto the skin!

Cones come with a pin to create a nice opening size without having to worry about cutting the tip. The pin can be reinserted when done using the cone and can be put back in the freezer until ready for next use.

    • Cello pattern may vary from the one’s pictures here.

    • Try not to refreeze more than 3 times as this will diminish the staining quality over time.

    • Orders placed after sunday 9 PM PST will be shipped the following week.

  • If you have an allergy to the essential oil or lemon juice, contact me and I can customize with a different oil or make a water only mix for you!

These henna cones are smaller in size than our 4 pack which makes holding the cone easier!



    • Natural henna cones are perishable items. Therefore, you must track your order and make sure to put the cones in the freezer the same day they are delivered if you will not be using them the day they arrive.

    • USPS tracking emails are sent automatically and can sometimes end up in your spam folder. Please keep an eye out there. Once we print your shipping label you will be sent your tracking details. Please view our Shipping FAQ for more info.

    • Priority mail and express will always be the best option for the freshest henna cones. We understand not everyone can use this method, however this is what we always recommend for the best results! ***For the holidays we have taken off first-class shipping methods since these experience the longest delays during the holiday season.

    • We can cancel an order before it has been shipped. After shipping we do not accept returns since this product is a perishable item. If an item is damaged during transit you can send us photos for a replacement. **This excludes minor leaks if you chose first-class shipping, which is the slowest option. Follow our instruction card on how to troubleshoot for minor leaks.**

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